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Welcome to our blog! Braden is a 2 year old little boy who has been diagnosed with Neuroblastoma. Nueroblastoma is a childhood cancer that is most often found in children under the age of 10. Our hope is that God will heal Braden completely and that his story will help others draw closer to Jesus.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Jessica FB update 5/4/12

Just got GREAT NEWS from the Oncologist. The MYC Gene that we were waiting from pathology is NORMAL!!! PRAISE GOD! OUR prayers are working. HE hears us and is answering them. The oncologist said that Braden was the talk at their meeting with the other Onclogist and surgeon from Eggleston. They agree that taking out the tumor is nearly impossible. They may only be able
to get out 25% of it ...and he may just live with the rest and go back for scans yearly. He also told us that from the sans the tumor part of the mass is almost gone!! He is hoping that chemo will stop the diarahea and then we can re-evlaute after 2 or 4 rounds. We are also going to have a PET scan soon to double check the lymphnode in his neck. The onlcologist said that he just thinks that it is a reactive node and not part of the tumor. The neck and the stomach do not look anything alike so he feels they are not connected. He said it would be very unusual to have metastic disease in the neck just by the look of it. So VERY GOOD NEWS TODAY! So our prayer now is that chemo will stop the diareha so that we can stop chemo. It already seems to be helping. His stools have been darker and more like normal diareaha, not just water. THANK YOU< THANK YOU for all your continued prayers.
Pslam 103:3, Proverbs 3:5-6, Pslam 27:13-14

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