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Welcome to our blog! Braden is a 2 year old little boy who has been diagnosed with Neuroblastoma. Nueroblastoma is a childhood cancer that is most often found in children under the age of 10. Our hope is that God will heal Braden completely and that his story will help others draw closer to Jesus.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Jessica's post this morning 10-12

This morning I wake up feeling like a new woman, my stress has disappeared and I am thankful for what God has done in our little boy.  Everything has worked out in His plan.  Yesterday would have been a much more stressful day if Braden had had the surgery that we originally came for.  After having the planned CT on Tuesday, the big surgery was still a go.  I signed the contract and we were set.  On Tuesday when we met with the doctors my mom asked me to ask them for a PET scan.  The doctors thought it would be some good information and I am so thankful we did.  If we had not done the PET scan then Braden would have had that horrible surgery yesterday.  A PET can only be done every three months and I know that God's timing for this was perfect!  If we had asked for the PET when we came for our consult last month, we may not have had the same results.  I know that through all of the prayer warriors God has heard our prayers and has been healing B so that he did not have to have the big surgery.  When the surgeon went in yesterday, he said that Braden's tumor looked white in color which indicates protein and maturity indicating that his tumor is turning more benign.  He said that neuroblastoma looks more grey in color and jelly-like and Braden's was more solid.  We are praying that with future scans his tumor turns completely to ganglianeuroma, which is a completely benign tumor.  The doc said that he could live with it without a problem.  At the end of surgery when we thanked the doctor, he pointed up and said, "He is the one you need to thank."  I know God was in the operating room and has been with us each and every step of the way.  He has guided our path and everything has happened in His timing!  Braden did ok last night.  He woke up 4-5 times screaming in pain, mostly when he tries to pee.  They said that this is normal after having a cath.  We are going to try to get him up and walking a little later.

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